We Are the CMCD

The Center for Molecular Cancer Diagnostics is a leader in the field of ultra-early detection of cancers.

HPV (Human Papillomavirus) High Risk

Developed by the doctors at CMCD, the CompDx hrHPV genotype is like no other test offered today. CompDx simultaneously tests for and reports genotype data for 13 hrHPV types.

Companion Diagnostics

Developed more than 10 years ago, the first companion diagnostic for Herceptin, changed the way doctors approached treatment on their patients with breast cancer.

Women's Healthcare

CMCD provides and continues to develop tests that are specific to the unique needs of women’s health. Women today have many things to be concerned with and we believe the quality and capability of their testing should not be one of them.

“Nearly 100% of cancer is curable when detected and treated at the earliest stages.”

Liming Wang, PhD

Co-Founder and Molecular Lab Director, CMCD, Center for Molecular Cancer Diagnostics

What We Provide


Early Cancer Detection

The Center for Molecular Cancer Diagnostics is a leader in the field of ultra-early detection of cancers.

An Extensive Partner Physician Network

Learn more about how CMCD partners with physicians to provide faster, more accurate results so they can refocus on patient care.

Commitment to Quality

Our relentless focus on quality and innovation means we strive to provide our customers the highest quality and most effective products and services available. We will continue to improve and grow with our unyielding desire to better serve our customers.

Our Zero Tolerance for Medical Errors process follows a strict regimen that includes

Our first focus is on simplified specimen collection for your staff.  By continually reducing the number and types of specimen collection, we strive to remove confusion and work for your staff.  This includes validating tests on a limited number of specimen types and working to perform more tests from a single specimen type. From the moment your specimen is shipped to the delivery of results, we work to ensure that you feel confident throughout the process

Once your specimen is prepared, it will be shipped by one of our highly qualified courier partners directly to the lab.  In many cases, we have agreements with our couriers that get the specimen to the lab on the same day it is shipped.  When this can not be accomplished, we have contracted with national providers that are well versed in medical specimen transport including tracking mechanisms and appropriate storage capabilities.  Our goal is to reduce loss and damage to your specimens by reducing the number of hands and transfers in the process.

At the lab, your specimens are processed the morning following receipt.  CMCD maintains the equipment and professionals necessary to ensure that your primary sample is never referenced to an outside laboratory for processing.  These processes allow us to further mitigate risk of damage or loss in addition to delivering results at industry leading turn around times.

All processes within the lab are monitored by lab professionals to ensure that potential errors are caught before final results are calculated and reported. Our team rigorously maintains and oversees equipment processes and performs a second test process on all positive results at no additional cost.  This reduces the incidence of false positive and/or negative results being reported, providing you confidence in your treatment planning decisions.


The CMCD’s Zero-Tolerance
for Error Policy

The CMCD Zero Tolerance for Error policy is our commitment to you and your patients in providing the most accurate and timely results possible, allowing you to focus on care.  From the moment your specimen is shipped to the delivery of results, we work to ensure that you feel confident throughout the process.

Effectiveness of these programs has been demonstrated through our C.A.P. Proficiency testing results where CMCD has achieved 100% accuracy on each test for the past 4 years.

To further reduce concern, when possible, our lab staff retains a portion of each sample for further requested testing or to re-test if you contact CMCD with concerns regarding the results.  You can always contact our Pro Direct team by calling 330.405.2623 with any questions or concerns regarding your samples or tests we offer.  Pro Direct is a service staffed by lab professionals familiar with the testing you request.

In our efforts to continue improving the quality of this program, we have initiated the Field Partner Program.  Through this program, we work closely with our referring physicians to identify where errors may occur, including the investigation of outlier results which may lead to more effective testing.  Our partners are invited to submit their experiences and cases to the lab that they feel will improve our processes and therefore their ability to treat their patients.

Near Elimination of False Positives

Positive or unspecified results are retested, at no additional cost.

Increased Accuracy and Specificity

Manual performance on many tests and oversight of automated testing all but eliminates error caused by equipment Malfunction.

Ship Once, No Reference Out

Once your specimen leaves your office and arrives at the lab, we do not reference out any of our testing, reducing possibility of loss or damage.

Simplified Specimine Collection

We strive to simplify your staff’s collection efforts by reducing the types and varied methods of collection found in the market today.

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